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My Green System I call my “Happy Place.” Its where my pain volume has be turned down. I feel calm and content with myself. I am happy to talk to others about my conduction and I am more willing to ask for help. I can now start to enjoy a bit of time socializing and having fun. The “old Amy” raises her head. I can make jokes and laugh. Knowing I will not feel the effects. Being in this system is very very rare. I’m sure those of you reading this will understand. I will take my daughter out for a treat. Spend more time with my partner. It could last one or two days. But I still wouldn’t change it for the world. Feeling relatively “normal” again gives me and the body time to rest. To fall asleep. I look to the deep blue sea and white sands in my mind. Wishing I was there.

Where do you take yourself off to when you go to sleep…?

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    Reading this helps me understand my partners symptoms.

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    I can relate so well to this. The only difference is my body shuts down and I sleep. I wake up only to take meds and use the bathroom. I don’t eat and I drink very little. I’m so thankful my wife takes care of all the animals on days like these. She is also disabled with fibromyalgia and many other diseases that come with it.

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