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The Blue System

The Blue System I refer to as my drive, It’s my ability to succeed and achieve. Whilst typing this out now for all of you to read. I am in the Blue system. I am investing my time to spread awareness of Fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions. My attention and thoughts are focused to the future. Yes I am still in pain but its bearable. My body has energy surging through it. However if I over do it I will tip back into the Red. I can actually see a way forward regardless the pain. This is when I exercise. I practice in Yogalates and Hot Pod Yoga to reduce my systems. It doesn’t take the pain away completely away but its manageable. This gives me a sense of achievement. I have had to give up on so much already. At least this was achievable and realistic. A chance to make myself stronger. But this has to be done carefully. You need to know your limitations and always work with your instructor.

The feeling of failure is not so strong. I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can work on myself and make something of myself. Even in this short window of success. Its worth making the most of it. So I encourage you to find that something that helps you in your Blue system.

What can you do in your Blue System…?

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    Reading this helps me understand my partners symptoms.

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    I can relate so well to this. The only difference is my body shuts down and I sleep. I wake up only to take meds and use the bathroom. I don’t eat and I drink very little. I’m so thankful my wife takes care of all the animals on days like these. She is also disabled with fibromyalgia and many other diseases that come with it.

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