This Is Me

This Is Me

My diagnosis Fibromyalgia has made a dramatic change in my life.
Some still believe this “condition” is not real. “It’s all in the mind” But I can assure all of you reading my article. That is not the case.

Fibromyalgia comes along with many symptoms. In my case Migraines, Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) and tinnitus and many more.

This is my true and accurate account from your average lady from Taunton Somerset. Who would just like to help others. I would like to bring awareness in my town and local areas. I have set up a page on Facebook. An Instagram page and a Twitter profile.

I would like to spread the message “Dream Big and Be Unique” I often use the hashtag #dreambigbeunique. I believe this hashtag is the first of its kind. I can be found using this on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

In time I hope it will bring people together and we can start to rebuild communities who help each other again. My Long term plan is to build a following and put on fundraisers events, coffee mornings ETC…

I have started my page not only to raise awareness of a Chronic Condition I’m managing, but to share my honest story of what it is like to be me. In time reading this I hope it can bring you some hope, comfort or confidence to people like myself out there.
I, myself have come to realize that keeping things buried deep down inside leads to many unsolved problems. I didn’t want to show how I was really feeling. “It’s weak” I told myself. Which in turns leads to an endless circle of torment. To my realization its not weak. The hardest thing is acceptance and sub coming into your emotions.

I have also come to understand personally,
the answers can be found within yourself. It starts with you!
You can turn to books, do endless research and these do help. Turn this scenario on its head. The research, all the books that have been published. All these answers started from somewhere…that individual !!
He/she made a choice to write something that could not only help themselves but others to. In turn I hope I can do the same.
I know what some people may be thinking…”Not another Blog about Fibromyalgia”
This is my journey and my life. My condition is not going away and sharing my story is helping me to cope and hopefully inspire you. For those who feel isolated or unable to talk. I hope you can gain your confidence, improve your self-esteem and find yourselves again reading through my experiences as you follow my page or the group.

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    Miki ( catsurme )

    Fabulous!!! Love this Intro, its very clear, friendly, accessible to all readers and pleasantly easy to read :))))
    It certainly makes me want to read your story!
    I relate already, and ready about Fibro from a fellow sufferer is the only feedback I do want to read, to be honest.
    Not interrested in what medics have to say, they dont know what they are talking about and it just makes me more confused and upset.
    Yeay for you!!!
    You are going to help SO MANY people xxx

    1. MyalgiaFibroWarrior

      Thank you once again for a lovely comment. I have tried to be honest as possible. I can go from feeling reasonable ok one day. Then the next can hardly move.
      It’s a personal journey and I would like to share some of the tools I use in order to help someone.
      You are worth it to xxxx

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