*Stories that need to be Heard…!*

We often forget about the Young and what they go through at an Early Age with a Chronic Illness or Disability whether it be Invisible or Visible. The “normal” perception of growing up is attending Primary School, Secondary School, College, University or an Apprenticeship and then Securing yourself with a Job.

Now, sometimes life doesn’t always work out that way. I have put this page together to show what can happen if a Young Person/Adult is diagnosed with an illness or living with a Disability.

A Young Person/Adult may be looking after a Family Member who has a Illness or Disability. Or a Close Family Member has Died. They often stay Silent and their Stories are not heard.

I have also included “My Daughter’s Perspective” She wanted to share what it is like to have a Mum (Me) with Fibromyalgia and all the Secondary Symptoms that go along with it.

I am hoping this page will Encourage more of you to come forward. You may like to Advise others where to go if they are in need of Help. You may want to share your own Story or own Experiences. So others in your Position can see they are not Alone.


“My Daughter’s Perception”