The SEMPI Social Communication Model.

Hello I’m
Alyse Tobler.

SEMPI Social Communication Model©

The “SEMPI Social Communication Model ©is a model designed by Alyse Tobler to asses whether someone is NOT OKAY and you need help straight for a loved one. The SEMPI SCM (Social Communication Model) teaches the next step to the questionARE YOU OKAY?” If this question doesn’t sit right with the person you are concerned about or they are looking confused.The SEMPI SCM teaches the community or public on a deeper level, to show empathetic communication skills within twenty minutes. You can instigate this model, if you see someone who is NOT OKAY and needs to talk straight away. You will know then, how best to help that person.

This model was written by Alyse Tobler to encourage community empowerment to reduce stigma and loneliness. The goal…TO SAVE LIVES!

The SEMPI SCM has a “pay it forward” philosophy. This is so it can enter the community on a faster basis. It works by having two people sit together. The “Sharer“.  This is the person who you are concerned about. The “Listener” this is the person who listens and runs through the SEMPI SCM. Together they can talk about what is happening in the “Sharers” life right now and the “Listener” can use the model to improve the “Sharers” circumstances in the present. To “pay it forward” the “Sharer” can then become the “Listener” and go on to help some like themselves in the future.

The SEMPI SCM teachesSocial and Emotional(SEL) activities. It promotes the broader “needs” and an insight to the vocabulary we need to use. Whilst communicating with the “Sharer”. The SEMP SCM model strengthens communication so all parties feel that they are heard, they feel validated and they are understood. At the same time it teachers the Listener and others practical listening skills. These listening skills are crucial allowing the community and public feel heard.

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