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Monday 17th December 2018

So today I went to the doctors. My medication has been increased and more bloods were taken. If it doesn’t start to settle down I will be refereed to Neurology. Not only that but my right hand was shaking from the moment I got up until late afternoon. 

Doctors orders is to rest, stop driving for a while and no more Yoga until I start to improve. 

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    Hi, Amz!
    What a horrible experience…and very happy to hear you made that appointment so soon! Bear in mind that you might have a dissapointing reaction from your doc, as with most of our bizar symtoms. But, DONT LET THIS DISCOURAGE YOU! It’s still early days, as we all undergo so many strange and devestating new symtoms. Funny enough another friend on IG had the same happen last night. Her torseau went into complete and violent spasms for hours, first time too. Needless to say, she too is exhausted and in shock. It’s just too frightning to think one evening this can happen to me at anytime…and we have no clue why. But, we keep the hope! We must keep fighting for answers, and thats exactly what you are doing. We applaud you, Amz!!! You are such a WARRIOR and our lifeline. Thank you for being our rock, even though you yourself are in this up to your neck. We love and support you always. Heres hoping your appointment WILL shed some light on what happened to you…Soft Hugs & Good Luck, Miki xxx <3

    1. MyalgiaFibroWarrior

      Thank you so much again for a lovely comment. My Doctor has been amazing. He was quite shocked also from what he saw. I have another appointment with him after Christmas to see how I am getting on. Will get some where in the end. Hugs to you to Hun. Much love xxx

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