#Sistersquad’s Everlasting Love


This is a story about two Sisters. One of whom, has Fibromyalgia and the another has, Breast Cancer. Elise and Zoe are the Sister’s facing a United Stance, against both, Fibromyalgia and Breast Cancer.

This is Elise’s and Zoe’s Story…

Hello, I’m Elise and I am telling the Story of me and my sister, Zoe. First, I am happy to be joining this vast space, which is the Chronic Community. I would like to Chat, share my Experiences and hopefully seek Advice, on some questions I may have. 

I am Thirty One and my sister is Thirty Three. Last year Zoe was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Which you can imagine, was a awful shock for us all. Zoe is now living with me, my husband and my One Year old baby, Roo.

I was diagnosed myself, with Fibromyalgia around Three Years ago. Its defiantly been a difficult journey, which still continues to throw up some difficulties and struggles. I would really like to use Instagram, to link up with people with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Conditions, Invisible Illness, Carers, Parents or anyone who just fancies hearing about my up and down life. Along with the constant juggling act.

Here Zoe and I, were at the hospital. Zoe was having her Infusion. As you can see from the image. Zoe is staying Proactive and still is Smiling.

Zoe has had Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and is still having Treatment, until November this year.

The next image was taken on, National Sibling Day. This has been a tough year for me and my sister. She has taken on Breast Cancer and is “Kicking it’s Butt” the best she can. 

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