Shadell Raymond’s Food Story

 I have been in contact with Shadell through Instagram. Shadell has Lupus and Kidney Disease. She has very kindly sent me an article for you all to read. 

Here is Shadell Story…

Starting a new diet is hard and it is especially harder sticking to it. Sticking to a specific diet takes a lot of discipline and motivation BUT the motivational factor gets easier when you have to do it to maintain your health. Most people hear the word diet and automatically think it’s all about weight loss. For me; my diet plan is mainly for me to control and manage my chronic illness and keep track of what triggers any flares or complications. I suffer from chronic kidney disease, severe anemia, hypertension and Lupus. My diet has been changed so many times it drives me crazy. Lol The best way I have found that helps me and keeps me sane is eating the same things always, which can be boring. I try to eat the same things and at the same times every day. This makes it easy for my body and organs because they know what to expect and the amount. I do a lot of research and what foods to avoid and what foods to eat more of and how to and not to prepare certain things. I have found that using herb (oregano leaves, basil, parsley, etc) to season my foods have helped with my hyper tension instead of using power seasonings. I don’t do caffeine of any sort (coffee, soda, teas, etc) nor do I drink sodas, except ginger ale and I do not consider that soda lol.

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  1. MyalgiaFibroWarrior

    Thank you so much for sharing your food story. I hope it will give comfort to more people out there. Working together is the way forward xx

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