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Below are Statements, Images and Videos from Lynda’s Awareness Jewellery Collection.

Below Joyce purchased from The NMO collection from Lynda’s Awareness Collection.

Joyce’s Comment to Lynda…

“Iā€™d like to thank a very special lady that I met and became my friend. Her name is Lynda @lyndat75 she designs jewelry, for many different causes. Lynda made jewelry to show support for NMO awareness. They are absolutely beautiful. I added a few different pages so everyone can see what all was made. I have a NMO key chain, NMO necklace, Two NMO Bracelets! Thank you again Lynda from the bottom of my heart. šŸ’ššŸ¦‹šŸ’š I also wanted to add Lynda is making these now for to show support for NMO. šŸ’š”

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