Hello my name is Joyce Grassmyer

My NMO symptoms started with loss of bladder control, stress inconvenience, irritable bowel with constipation. I was also loosing feeling in my legs and arms. I had severe Migraines. Some of my migraines lasted for days. I’d see spots, I had blurred vision, and my eyes would ache. Alongside this I would have nausea and vomiting.

In 2013, I had to stop working due to all of the health issues that were going on. I had days where I could barely walk. I have to use a cane just to help me get around.  I have numbness, tingling and burning issues in my feet, legs, arms and hands. I have issues with heat intolerance, slurred speech and have difficulty with memory issues. I have tremors in my hand and feet. Severe depression, mood swings and anxiety that was off the charts. I have to get new glasses every 6 months because my vision is changing so fast. By 2015, My Family Doctor sent me to a Neurologists. A spinal tap was finally done. I was sent to an OPTHALMOLOGIST and the visual field showed up I had Optic Neuritis in my right eye. After my InterStim device was removed. I had my MRIs they showed no lesions on my brain or spine. I was sent for an AQP4 test it came back positive.