Organ Donation

I said “Yes I Donate

I chose to write about this particular subject as it resonated with me personally. However, it wasn’t until I attended a Charity Fundraiser organised by my daughters Karate Club. It was then, I realized how important saving a life could be.

I will take you all back a few years now. Readers of my blogs will know my dad had a Kidney Transplant. Not only that, my mum also donated a Kidney to him also. I was a lot younger then and I guess I didn’t totally understand the importance behind Organ Donation. So when we got the call to say a Kidney was available. We were of course elated with the news. I guess it didn’t resonate with me straight away, that someone had lost their life in order for my dad to receive this transplant. The word Available has also got me thinking. It almost seems that having something “Available” is an everyday occurrence in the world we live in now. In Organ Donation terms the sad fact is that someones Dad, Mum, Brother, Sister, Auntie, Uncle, Grandfather, Grandma or friend has passed away in order to save one of your family members or friends life. When this was all happening and in that moment in time. I could only think of my Dad. I was so happy he was receiving a Kidney and if I’m totally honest. I didn’t really think to much behind how he came to have this Kidney in the first place. Naturally I knew someone had died. But my focus was on my Dad and wanting him to be alright. These feelings were totally natural and understandable.

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