Miki’s Story

My symptoms started at a fairly young age. Around 11 years old. This was also the age I started menstruating. Extremely early, yes. Strike 1. I had been experiencing severe headaches, joint pain, neck and back pain. Sitting on hard surfaces hurt terribly and my sense of balance was completely nil. Walking on walls as the other kids did was impossible. Children don’t have that…do they! Well, that was what my parents and GP said. Strike 2.

As I grew a few years older and needed to be active in sports activities in middle school, my life became a hell of excruciating pain, nausea and terrible ridicule. I was lucky enough to have a mother who was emphatic and kept writing notes to excuse me from P.E. Of course, there came a day when my parents were forced to explain themselves at the Headmaster’s Office. No, their daughter did not have a medical condition. Back to weekly P.E. I went…Panic and tears, pain  It was at this time I started having bad sleeping problems. Bedtime at home was strict. eight pm. I lay in bed, turning and twisting every night, anxiety driving me to tears, finally falling into a deep sleep around four am.  Mum came to wake me up at six am every morning during school days. I was exhausted beyond belief. My stomach started to protest. Breakfast became a drama, I simply could not stomach food in the mornings anymore. Anything I did eat during the day gave me painful acid re-flux and I started to gain weight. I always had pain, somewhere. Deep, crippling pain. Headaches were a given. My feet burned when I walked, my ankles felt like they were twisted. I started getting huge black blind spots in my vision. They came and they left, usually during classes. During hot days I always felt extra ill, nausea and vomiting, dizzy. I just thought I had a terrible disease and was dying, but I had nobody I could talk to. There comes terrible depression along with all of this. Nobody believed me. Not anybody. So I “lived” with this, for years, waiting to die.

I didn’t die. Which made me angry, confused and frustrated beyond belief. One day, when I got out of bed to go to work, I completely collapsed. This was my first day of officially becoming ill. I was 37. Then the fight against the medical world began.

I was officially diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 4 years ago.

At the age of 49.

Still fighting, still fighting every single day, but PROUD AND STRONG!!!



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