Miki’s Story

I met this lovely Lady Miki through Instagram. She has been a follower of mine since I set up my Instagram account. She has also kindly agreed to share her story…

Hallo, everyone!

My name is Miki, 53 years, 20 going on 120, lol! Yes, I am all over the place

Currently living with my wonderful husband of 21 years in the Netherlands.

I met Amz on Instagram. She is such a role model for us in the Fibromyalgia community. I think it’s just wonderful how she is dedicating her time and energy on this very important disease that is causing so much upheaval and controversy on all sides and leaving thousands of ailing people fighting every second of every day against their illness, pain and all the ignorance and failure of the medical system.

Most of us suffering from Fibromyalgia are mainly women who once where extremely active in social and life, having careers which we enjoyed and excelled at.  This makes this complicated and still widely unaccepted disease a terrible tragedy for those struck down 10 fold. Adding the fact that it takes us so long to have our disease acknowledged and diagnosed, let alone accepted by the medics we keep having to hound.

Once we finally pass that traumatic, personal life sucking and extremely emotionally and physically exhausting phase….the next horrendous phase opens its ugly doors:

The people around us. Those we count on to help us through. Those we trusted to believe in us. Those that will break our spirits further and make us feel outcasts, liars, unworthy of their further care, friendship, and love. Fibromyalgia, the state between being broken down to the ground and being left to fight with tooth and nail to make yourself heard…to crawl back up…by any means possible. To maintain your self-worth and dignity by any means left….This makes us one of the strongest fighters on this earth, together with the thousands of others suffering from similar invisible diseases.

We Truly Are Warriors…But We Need To Be Heard!

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