Max Chamberlain’s Transplant Story.

Introducing Max Chamerblin

I had a request from Max if I wouldn’t mind sharing his Instagram Profile. The reason and message behind this is an important one. 

Max would like to raise more Awareness for Cystic Fibrosis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Max has received a double lung Transplant after fighting Cystic Fibrosis for Twenty Three Years.

This is Max’s Story…


Wednesday 29th August 2018…

The night I got the call “Hello max how are you? (hmm I’m not feeling too good) Well Max we have a pair of lungs for you” Then it hit home it was real!. They gave me five minutes to make my mind up. I was my in shock. When I used to go clinic at the Harefeild I’d always say when the Dr said “How are you?”. I’d say “Yes I’m great.” Same as last time.” As I was scared that my lung function was getting lower & lower. I just tried to push it off. Then the Dr said it’s time you go on the list. A year later it happened…

When I was getting pushed to theatre I HAD NO TEARS I was just quiet. Thinking…am I dreaming? In that year. I was going down hill. Five months on… I’m loving my life so much. It was the best thing I ever done. I am doing things I haven’t done since I was seven. Like kicking a football around. The pain is easy. You can get medication for this. So if your on the list. Remember it’s a new life. I couldn’t of done this without my Family, Girlfriend and Friends

Everyday I think about my donor, Everyday I say Thank You, Everyday I’m so Grateful.

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