Martin Glover (FMA Advocate)

Introducing Martin Glover…

“I am a Fibro Warrior working with Fibromyalgia Action UK (FMA). My Charity number is 1042582.

My wife has acute FM and is allergic to all medications. The Government do not recognize this Chronic Illness and I am fighting hard to get it recognized as a Registered Disability also”

Martin Glover

I crossed paths with Martin on twitter. We started talking and I offered him a page on the “Dream Big Be Unique” website. This way he can raise more awareness towards his plight. In the future anything he would like to add to the page is more than welcomed.

I have also reached out to Fibromyalgia Action UK in the hope to help Martin raise more awareness and dedicate a page to Fibromyalgia Action UK themselves to.

The more we work together the more we can accomplish.

To find out more about Martin and what he does. You can find him on Twitter and Facebook. Click on the relevant image below and it will direct you straight to his Social Media Accounts…


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