*Men’s Awareness, from a Man’s Perspective*

Below are the typical type of questions or scenarios that come up. Men are seen as the stronger gender. However this is not the case. We are all humans with feelings regardless of who we are. Have you ever thought that showing your feelings could be seen as weak? Sharing your story may help others in your situation. It’s not wrong to admit when you may need help, to cry or even grieve the person you once were. I believe you should all be taken seriously to. With this ever changing world with extra stress, expectations and long hours it will start take its toll.

Are you fed up with being told to “Man up” when faced with a problem? 

Are you the breadwinner and feel you should keep going?

Do you feel like your failing?

Are you showing signs of anxiety about loosing your job and your family depend of you?

This is why I am running this campaign alongside my website. Would you like to share a mans perspective of an Illness, Condition, Disability or Circumstance. We do not judge here. If you wish to remain anonymous you can.

Please find the Contact form on the Main Menu. I look forward to hearing from you…

Below you can read some Stories fromA Man’s Perspective.”


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