Lisa’s Story

Doctors didn’t pursue my back issues and I felt like they just left me. Two years ago I saw a neurologists as I was having non epileptic seizures. I had brain scans but they didn’t notice my left side was non responsive. I just put it down to medication. My left eye vision is blurred. I just thought it was another symptom of Fibromyalgia

I have two further prolapsed discs and a pinched sacral nerve. Surgeons will not operate and my life at this point is non existent. My neurologist also tells me I have Polymyalgia but yet I have not been treated for this. 

After many attempts to get medical help for my Fibromyalgia, back and chronic fatigue syndrome. I feel I’m just being ignored and sent away. I have come off three opiods a day. Plus all the other medication that doesn’t seem to be working.

Roll forwards to the present day and about three weeks ago. I was rushed to Hastings hospital after excruciating back pain. I have suffering with this for weeks but I refused to go to Accident and Emergency because I didn’t want to be any trouble to anyone. I never go to the hospital unless I really need too. 

My health now is very debilitating. I have incontinence issues due to the severity of my back muscles weakness. Pin prick test determined I have lost all sensation on my left side. An MRI was done only on my lower lumbar area. Yet again the results came back the same as two years ago. Three prolapsed discs and a pinched sacral nerve. My L4 disc is dehydrated and I was told there was nothing more they could do for me. They saw me fit for discharge. I cannot walk and I’m having problems knowing when I need to urinate. I won’t be classed as an emergency until my discs rupture. I got sent home from hospital with two zimmer frames and was told there is no more medication left for me to try as all avenues have been exhausted. 

I was using crutches because I am really unstable and the physiotherapy team have deemed them unsafe. Hence they gave me an indoor zimmer frame and it cant be used outdoors.

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