Lisa’s Story

Introducing Lisa

Lisa has Fibromyalgia. Looking back on her life now. Lisa believes she can pinpoint when her Fibromyalgia actually started…

This is Lisa’s Story…

My story starts from when I was twelve years old and this is when I can Pinpoint when Fibromyalgia started for me.

I had a very traumatizing childhood with being bought up around domestic violence and I believe this is where my emotional trauma began offsetting my Fibromyalgia.

At eleven years old I kept getting horrendous pains in my right leg. This went on for some time. I was then admitted to hospital and after numerous tests and my leg in plaster. The doctors couldn’t find anything wrong. In the end it was put down to Childhood depression. Looking back now. I can see how the doctors may have thought this. There was little knowledge of Fibromyalgia¬†back then.

My pain continued and I found myself going back and fourth to the doctors. At this time my parents had split up and were getting a divorce. This did take a massive toll on me. My Dad was a solider in the British Army and he had an affair with an heroin addict. 

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