Kelly’s Story

Introducing Kelly Boyson

Kelly reached out to me through Instagram. Asking if I would like to share my story. Of course I said “Yes”. Anything to raise more awareness. Kelly herself has an invisible illness. Ménière’s Disease. I know through a friend this can be a very debilitating illness also. 

Kelly would like to share her story through the “Dream Big Be Unique” Website also to raise more Awareness on Ménière’s.

This is Kelly’s story…

 Balancing life with Ménière’s

At the end of 2014 something strange happened to me. I was sat at my computer at work and I became really dizzy, I couldn’t stand up. My ear was making strange noises and it felt like my ear was full of water. Then it suddenly stopped and I thought nothing of it. 

It happened another four times. Then I decided to visit the GP. They told me I had Labyrinthitis and gave me some anti nausea tablets.

I had to go back five more times before I actually got send to an ENT. In March 2015 I was finally diagnosed with Meniere’s disease. Having had four months not knowing why I kept collapsing with severe vertigo, nausea and generally feeling like I was in the wrong body. I was also getting tinnitus and my hearing was deteriorating.

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