Katie’s Story

Here is Katie’s Story…

A brave young lady willing to tell all. She will also be adding to her story as time goes by. Today she is writing about her Coping Mechanisms.

My coping mechanisms for Ulcerative Colitis are very individual but for me it’s all about distraction because this illness does get me down, it’s very painful and the fatigue is so bad. This is one of my main factors.

People tell me to try the gym because it’ll take things off my mind but it’s hard when I’m constantly tired layed up on the sofa or in bed. If I don’t feel tired I’ll go out with friends but then I’ll exert myself and be tired for days. I have started knitting with my Mam. This is really relaxing and doesn’t take up much of my energy. I am a member of Crohns and colitis forum on Facebook which is a support group. I find this group very helpful! I don’t usually moan but we all have a little moan on there and ask questions that we need answering.

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