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Food Blunder


Steak, Rice and Veg Night…

It was Thursday 4th September. I was making tea for my partner and I. There was a nice steak on the go. Vegetables and rice in the Microwave (I cheated).

The food was ready so I plated up. Covered my partners food and placed it back into the oven to keep warm. It would be ready then for when he got home.

I got my knife and Fork. Picked up the tray with my tea on. Started walking to the dining room and this happens….

My hand spasmed and my tea ended up on the floor. I could of cried. The vanish had to come out then. New carpet with tomato sauce stains would have not gone down well…

My partner came home from work. I said to him “Enjoy your tea. Mine ended up on the floor” His response “Better luck next time…” Thanks for that!!


What was your funniest story?

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