Snack: I will normally have some fruit for snack. It will either be an apple, banana, strawberries, grapes, raspberries or kiwi to keep me going till lunch.

Lunch: For lunch I will almost always have a salad. In the salad will be Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomatoes, Beetroot, Peppers, Carrots and some red cabbage. The “fillings” as I call them. That will go into the salad will either be chicken that I have cooked the day before, ham or tuna.

Tea: For tea nine times out of ten I will cook from fresh. Dishes such as Cottage Pie(with sweet potato), Hot Pot and Stews for example. All these dishes will always contain fresh vegetables.

If I have any puddings with my lunch they will almost be the same to. Dairy Free Yogurts, a small bit of Gluten Free Brownie, Fruit or I will nibble on some carrots.


I need to make sure I drink a lot of water throughout the day. The amount of medication I am on I need to. If I have a cup of tea it will be using decaffeinated tea bags. I will have a cup of tea rarely though.

So I have told you mine. Will you tell me yours…?

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