Do you have a special diet?

Do any foods help you?

Are there any foods the exacerbate your symptoms?

Do drinks have an effect on you?

We need food and drink in our lives. It keeps us alive basically. However depending on our circumstances or diagnosis. Some foods and drink can be more harmful than good. I have devised this post for you all to share your experiences with food and drink. I hope it can be a useful tool for those that are struggling. I can start to add pages to this post with your stories on your food plans.

For Instance my daily diet is much the same. This is only because I know what I am eating and drinking won’t exacerbate my symptoms. My body will be able to digest the food easily without causing any problems. Foods containing gluten will have an effect on my body and increase my Fibromyalgia symptoms Bread, pasta, noodles, crackers and granola to name but a few. Dairy products can also cause me to have an upset stomach. When I drink caffeinated drinks. Tea or Cola for example. These drinks react to my nervous system and I start to shake. Its like my body is spasming from the inside and the effects can last a while.

I find also, if I have a cheat day (Let’s face it we all do at some point.) I could bloat and even be sick. Yes, its my own fault and it did seem like a good idea at the time. I will always end up regretting it.

To give you an idea on what I eat on a typical day would be for me is:

Breakfast: For breakfast I will not eat anything with gluten in. Below are some examples…

Cornflakes (Gluten Free)

Porridge(Gluten Free )with fruit such as Strawberries and Blackberries

Toast(Gluten Free Bread) and Eggs.


I will have water with my breakfast. Or maybe pure apple juice. This will be watered down.