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I heard about “FibroFlutters through a close friend on Twitter. Sonia Hawkins is the Public Relations and Administration for FibroFlutters

Carole Scrafton is the CEO and Co-Founder. Carole runs and owns FibroFlutters.

FibroFlutters offers advice and support on a Global scale though many Social Media Platfroms. It’s not just about Fibromyalgia though. 

They advocate for a varied amount of Medical and Health Conditions. Including Musculoskeletal, Arthritis, Hypermobility, Lupus, Lyme Disease and many more.

FibroFlutters is an informal ‘patient-led’ support group based in Sunderland, North East, UK. We are there for people with Fibromyalgia, Me/CFS, Chronic Illness, Chronic Pain, EDS/HMS, Mental Health, Musculoskeletal Disorders, Hypermobility and other Debilitating #invisibleillness.”

They also have a section on their website called “The Chillout Lounge” There is a newsletter from “Stress Resources

Reading through the newsletter, “Individual Mindfulness Training” crops up.

Stress Resources Individual  Mindfulness Training is a unique option offered only by Stress Resources that allows the individual to set the pace for training but maintains the essential framework of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) in private or semi-private sessions. Either in my Greater Boston area office (Concord) or conveniently by Skype or Zoom.” 

There is more information on their Website if you are interested in learning some Mindfulness

Please click the Image above to Visit their Website…

I know whilst attending past Pain Clinics, Mindfulness was a big part of the Clinic. I learnt various Coping Techniques whilst there. When I am in a flare some of them do work for me. It’s worth looking into and finding out more about it I feel.

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