So how does this all work?

My logic and thinking behind this all, is that a person can apply for themselves or some else can apply on their behalf. If they get awarded a CarePack. Only the postage and packaging will need to be paid. This is to ensure the CarePack is affordable for the person or persons who is applying. I am hoping to get a few out each month depending on the donations received.

If they are not awarded a CarePack that month. He/She will automatically go onto the top of the list for the following month. I would like to hope the person or persons who have received a FibroCarePackUK. To video blog or take images of themselves opening their CarePack. Tagging myself along with the video blog or images and adding the hashtag #fibrocarepackuk. This will ensure FibroCarePackUk is being shared over social media and can reach the person or persons in such need of them.

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    I suffer with Fibromyalgia, endometriosis, depression and anxiety. I would welcome any support, I would love to be able to also give something back when I get stronger, even if I could do something small to help… I am here x

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