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My Story Then

My background was a very energetic one. When I was younger I swam six days a week and was competing in Swimming Galas all over the United Kingdom. I finished secondary school then went onto my apprenticeship as a Nursery Practitioner. I completed my National Vocational Qualification in Early Years Care and Education level two and three. Some years after I underwent my assessors training in Learning and Development. This was to asses adult Learners who are taking the Teaching and Learning qualification. This is now the equivalent to the National Vocational Qualification Level two and three I had done as an apprentice in previous years. My career in total spanned over about 15 years.

We go back just two years ago and I was then working with SEND (special educational needs/disabilities) learners in a Special Needs School. This is a job that no words can describe. You aid and adapt learning styles to fit the needs of the individual learners. To see their progress over time is so rewarding. It is a feeling that you cannot explain and a feeling that is priceless.

I was still very active. Attending the gym four times a week. I ran two Taunton Half Marathons and swan at least two times a week. Then everything changed…

You are about to read a brutally honest account of how my symptoms arose and developed over time. At first I was experiencing extreme tiredness to the point I found it hard getting out of bed and finding myself falling asleep as I came home from work. It was a funny feeling like you were dreaming with your eyes open. Back then I didn’t take much notice of this. I still carried on with the same old daily routine. Getting up, taking my daughter to school, heading to work, finishing work, collecting my daughter from school, doing tea, going for a run or workout. Putting my daughter to bed and then after time I would take myself off to bed. Just a normal daily routine of many right? I marched on and just carried on.

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    I just love you so much! I know we only “know” each other electronically but I feel a deep connection to you. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I know it isn’t easy. I am so happy that you are able to accept you current state of health but not “give in” to it. Your positive attitude is infectious and I’m so happy to have you in my life! You give me inspiration each and every day!

  2. MyalgiaFibroWarrior

    Thank you for the lovely comment. I have welled up. I truly and honestly believe that we were all meant to meet for a reason. All I ever wanted to do is help and I have found a way I can do this. The Fibro is not going to take that away from me to. We can all help one another and more. To meet yourself and others like me is a bond no-one can take away. I’m over the moon I have you to and our journey is not over yet. Looking forward to the future. xx

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    Lynda Tornatora

    Amy, thank you for being brave and sharing your story. So much of your emotions reasonate with me. I truely believe we have crossed paths for a reason! The future holds many inspiring things for us all. So pleased to be on this wonderful journey with you xx

    1. MyalgiaFibroWarrior

      It’s so exciting to be on this journey with you to lovely. We have so much more to come yet. The future looks very bright for us all xxx

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    Thank you for sharing your story. It’s was very inspirational. I will in time be sharing mine with you as well. I’m also finishing a few things up as Emily and I are working on somethings. I also was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia many years ago. I was put on Savella for it. I was so disheartened by so many Doctors that just didn’t believe. I applaud you coming out with all your awareness to help others. I think it’s truly amazing and they need the support for and guidance. God Bless you for being so courageous and strong. 💜

    1. MyalgiaFibroWarrior

      You to are being truly courageous. Just starting to open up is the first barrier down. Take you time and enjoy the ride. We are all here for you xxx

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    Oh, Amz! Reading your story makes me realize even more how huge and bizarre this thing really is. How devastating, how confusing, terrifying, life&soul-sucking, crazy this disease is. Having gone through the same steps but reading it from your perspective makes it real…REALLY real, and its heartbreaking. My chest hurts, my eyes are stinging with tears of grief still not put to rest. The hell we have been through, the incredible active lives we left behind, the fear and pain we endured before we had a clue what was going on…I took it in stride over a period of years and years, tears, intense fear, PANIC, with all the emotions and dramas you too endured, but now seeing it in your story, I can see how HUGE this really is. How EXTREMELY important your blog is for others entering this bizarre world of crazy, how truely needed we all are to help those to find their way in this maze of incredible upheaval, together. We are WARRIORS, in every sense. The battles we have fought are intense, to say the very least. Bless you Amz…You go, girl!!! You and your team, go get those Millions Missing and bring them back 🙂 <3 And lead the new sufferers through a safe and secure path to our Community, where they are safe and surrounded by love, compassion, empathy and understanding. God Bless. Always here for you xxx

    1. MyalgiaFibroWarrior

      When I was writing this particular piece I had tears in my eyes. What you have just written is exactly and truly what happens when before seemed such like an “normal” life happening. You have been a follower of mine from the very beginning and I cannot thank you enough. Here for you to lovely and lets us take this journey all together. xxx

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    Caroline Cook

    Thank you so much for sharing. Thank you for talking with me this morning too. Anything I can do to spread your Awareness Team just let me know. 🙏❤️

  7. MyalgiaFibroWarrior

    Hey Caroline. Thank you for the comment. Not a problem I am here to help. Contact me anytime. I will always respond when I can.
    I am going to need a lot of help in the future and I will keep you in the loop with everything that is happening.
    Amz xxx

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