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It has not been easy to admit to myself I cannot do what I once did. Exercise was an important part of my daily life. My background has been very much sport orientated. I lived and breathed sport. It all started when I was very young. I was a gymnast and a swimmer. I did win two gold medals in Gymnastics before I made the decision to take swimming up as my full-time sport.


In between swimming and gymnastic I did compete in the English Schools Athletic Association Competition. Winning Silver in the long jump and Bronze in the Throwing.


I then moved onto swimming full time. In my swimming career I would train up to six times a week, two hours a day. Four days out of the six. I would train with Taunton Deane Swimming Club. The remaining two days of the week. I trained at Millfield’s fifty meter pool. With a club named “Fast”. I did spend many weekends travelling the country competing in Swimming Galas. I would get home from school, do my homework, then it would be time to go training. Lets just say I didn’t have very much leisure time. Over my swimming career I did accumulate many trophies, flags and medals. Below are pictures of just some of them…

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    I am the opposite! I’ve mever been into exercise but always wanted to do more. Pre-fibro I walked a half marathon. Now I can barely walk a mile. I can relate to having a good day feeling like you can do normal exercise and then paying the price later for that. For one week now I have been walking for 15 minutes that is pretty good for me. It hurts and feels good. I guess feels good cause I’m doing something good for myself (whether I like it or not! Lol) thank you for sharing this!

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      Your doing what you can hun and that’s the main thing. Everyone is so individual and deals with their circumstances differently. There is no competition out there. Some days I can’t even get out of bed myself. Such a comparison of what I use to be able to do or can do now in moderation. Keep going and just listen to your body. Your, your own expert. Sending Love x

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    I used to be extremely active, not in excersizes but never sat sit…always rushing around. Sitting down was almost impossible, ants in my pants!!! I walked alot, no car, loved walking. After my crash, my muscles turned to jello and never really got back their normal use. They still shake and quiver, no matter how much I gently coax them…now I just get ill when I exert myself in any way and it makes me so sad. Even swimming leaves me gasping and cramping, so, thats it really, I just cant torture myself anymore. After 12 years, thats when I crashed, I give up… 🙁

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    I just read your comment to Karen as well. It’s such a shame you have no understanding over there. If there was a proper support network. You could have that support to get out more. Even if it’s just a little bit at a time. Just makes me want to come over there and help.
    I do feel for you hun xxx

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