Dr Tanya Paynter, ND

Dr Tanya Paynter, ND

Introducing Dr Tanya Paynter, ND

Dr. Tanya Paynter graduated from Bastyr University in 2012 with her Naturopathic Medical Degree. She currently practices at a busy clinic in Spokane, WA. Here she focuses on tough Health Cases and Helping her patients find and understand the underlying reason behind their Symptoms. Her Passion is to find the answers her patients are desperately seeking. That they haven’t been able to find, from the Conventional Medical Community. She is currently working on an online program to bring this passion to a wider range of people, including thoseĀ  without easy access to Naturopathic Medical Care. Dr. Paynter lives in Spokane, WA with her husband, two young children, dog, two cats and the one surviving chicken that was resourceful enough to avoid the neighborhood coyote”

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