Damo’s Law

“My thoughts were telling me how there going to torture me and how they were going to kill me. I don’t want to be here anymore.. Please make them stop. Why won’t you make them stop? Why won’t you help me? Why do you think it’s just in my head? Why is it not real?. It’s as real to me as my coffin was to you.
Now do you see how real it is? Now do you see I couldn’t stop it. I needed to be kept safe from myself.

I need to leave before they hurt me. I told you I was gonna ‘KILL MYSELF‘ and you let me. You knew I wasn’t OKAY but you still walked away anyway because I wasn’t your son, brother, dad, daughter or sister.

You don’t care if I DIED. One less case for you to worry about. Well guess what I did DIE. I hung myself. My mum was left to find me lifeless. You could have prevented this from happening. You should of listened to my family. If you listened to me and because of my mental state of mind in those last five days. Listened to my family as well. I could possibly still be ALIVE. I would have been kept safe where I couldn’t hurt myself. Why didn’t you listen? Will you listen now that I am gone?.”

Please Help Save Our Loved Ones.

Thank You



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  1. Avatar

    thank you so much Amy for sharing our story you rock girl xxx

  2. MyalgiaFibroWarrior

    Hey Tessa,
    Anytime Hun. I am One Hundred Percent behind you. Will do what I can to help.
    Amz xxxx

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