Damo’s Law

Damo’s Law

Damo was born 14th May 1984. He sadly committed SUICIDE Monday 5th December 2016. Damo was only 32 years old. 

Tessa Sarich is Damo’s sister. Tessa is campaigning for change and to bring in a new law to help those who are at risk of Suicide.

Below is a message from Tessa…

“Please sign the petition to help bring in a new law that helps prevent the loss of our loved ones.
Just like Ryan’s Law. We need Damo’s Law. We should be able to call a third party medical/mental health team. That is not involved with your normal place of buisness i.e hospital mental health ward. So they can come in and reasses the situation without judging and hopefully have your loved one admitted. So they can be safe.
We as the family members know our loved ones better than anyone else. We know when things really, are not okay.
So please get behind me and my brother and lets get this new law passed. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You so much Damo and Tessa From Australia.”

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  1. Avatar

    thank you so much Amy for sharing our story you rock girl xxx

  2. MyalgiaFibroWarrior

    Hey Tessa,
    Anytime Hun. I am One Hundred Percent behind you. Will do what I can to help.
    Amz xxxx

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