Creating a Support Network

I believe that it is crucial to have a good support system. However it has to be the right one for you. You can have people around who say “Your are doing so well” or “Keep up the good work” but in time I have realized you also need those people who say is as it is. Those people who tell you “Stop and look after yourself”, “If you keep going. You will crash and burn”, “Pick yourself up an get on with it” These are the statements I don’t really want to hear but need to hear. These close people are not saying it to be mean but saying it because they care.

You are the only one who can build your support system totally. You can be given the tools, information, appointment’s, resources and referrals. However to action this all these takes you. You need to believe in yourself so others can help you to the best of their ability also.

This is my support system I have and what keeps me going…


Family has always been very important to me. Even so much more now. Having a strong support system here has got me where I am today. I can always count on family to help me and to even tell me to give myself a kick. I have a very supportive partner also. He has stuck by me. Even if my mood swings are unpredictable at times. Most importantly he has been there through the bad times. Especially in my bad flare ups. It has been hard and I don’t want to feel as though i’m being nursed. That’s why I need to help myself all I can. Having a family that doesn’t judge you, your half way there. Don’t deny their help. You may feel you are being a burden however it’s the total opposite. In time I have learnt how to recognize this.

Social Media and New Friends

Whilst building my website I have met many new friends through social media. From the get go I was looking for others who had similar symptoms to myself. To my astonishment I have found many. A shout out to a few of them. Miki (Catsurme), Shadell (lupesandspoons), Suzzane (Fibromomblog),Emily (empower_hart), Myfibrolife73, Pinkyhope72 and pportinga who often Direct Message me or comment on any of my posts. Some have also very all bravely and very kindly shared their stories with me so I can place them on the website. It has proven to me there are people out their facing the same daily battles as myself. I don’t feel as lonely anymore. It has given me the drive to create a platform for them so their voice can be heard. Lisa, Karen and Katie have already shared their stories and there are more stories to come.

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    Thank you too, Amz.
    Feeling alone in this is so destructive.
    Creating a strong group, a “family” is imperative to get this thing off the ground.
    Fibromyalgia is still just a whisper in the medical world and it’s got to stop being put under benches and chairs!!!!
    Too many people suffer terribly, needlessly, too, too long simply because we are unheard, invisible. Well, I say: ENOUGH!
    When I watched that documentary “Unrest” by Jen Brea, I cried so hard….
    It was the first time I ever saw how my life had evolved through the eyes of another and the reality of my situation hit me like a truck full of bricks.
    I was literally in shock for weeks.
    I cried and grieved like I never had before…because now, now, I could.
    After that…what now?
    I went on Instagram, and looked for my Tribe.
    I found them!!!! So, so many of them!!!!!
    And now you, Amz 🙂
    Together we will get this thing in the open, because it has to be!
    Bless you, Amz!!! <3

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      I may have to look into that documentary myself hun.
      We are all here for each other. I am just glad you have now found your voice. There is a long way to go but we will get there.

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