Ashley’s Story: “The Way I Look”

Secondary school was not as bad as primary school luckily. I still had the Stares, Points and things were Thrown at me. It was better in 2016. I became a volunteer at my local PDSA charity shop, which I loved. Then later I moved on to become a waiter at a local gastro pub. Meeting new people was lovely, but I had always wanted to join the health and social care industry. 

Then I had an exciting change. In early 2017, I contacted a charity called Fixers, who work with young people aged between sixteen and twenty-five, who want to use their past to fix the future. Whilst with them, I got filmed sharing my personal experience of being bullied as someone with a facial disfigurement. My campaign video was aired on ITV News West Country, I was also invited to do some press work and got interviewed by a few Radio Stations. Later, I was invited to feature on The Jeremy Kyle Show and Loose Woman, where I could share my story. The feedback has been fantastic!

In November of the same year I became a Support Worker where I worked with adults with Learning Disabilities. I loved looking after and caring for the people in my care. My Anti-Bullying Campaign so far has been so amazing and successful. 

My future goals are to continue to share my story and Raise Awareness. I want to write a book and perhaps work within the TV Industry in my future. Within a Year and a half, my life has been changed in the best way thanks to Fixers.

They made my life amazing.

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