Amber’s Story.

And these words your about to read next I will never forget. The Doctor came in and said “I’m sorry mom but your daughter does have Down Syndrome” but like I said already. I made up my mind that she had it, but why were they sorry. Not once in the hospital did a nurse or a doctor once congratulate me on my new Precious Daughter, because all they saw was a diagnosis.

We were sent home a week later with a beautiful baby girl who had Down Syndrome and we didn’t care. We loved her and we were completely obsessed. Not knowing she was going to have Down Syndrome or a Heart Defect was a lot to take on. You not only have all the typical baby well checks. We now had a list of other doctors she needed to see as well.

We weren’t going to tell our kids because we didn’t want them to worry about her diagnosis. Instead we decided to tell them in good time. They were so confused because they didn’t see her diagnosis. All they saw was their sweet baby sister. I told them her heart will be fixed one day and that she will show us what it means to have Down Syndrome. Just like anyone else she is just as able and capable as anyone, but it may take her just a little more time. They were worried but later fell in love with the fact that she had Down Syndrome and what it has done for our family so far.

 We were finding our grove of adding a new baby to our group. Now a family of seven. We started learning about everything and anything we could about children and families with a child who had Down Syndrome. (We are naturals at Advocating for our daughter.) We joined a group called DSDN (Down Syndrome Diagnostic Network.) They have become like family. Since having our daughter we have lost a few friends and family with the diagnosis but we have gained an incredible tribe.

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