Amber’s Story.

This is Amber’s Story about her Daughter Ami

So nine months of planning and preparing for an unmediated VBAC all natural water birth. This was going to be my fifth and final baby. I wasn’t prepared for what was about to happen, nobody was. We had the best prenatal care and several sonos confirmed we were ready for Delivery day.

So Imagine my surprise when we had to take my newest daughter to the hospital because of her low resting heart rate and a possible diagnosis of Down Syndrome. I felt in my heart she did have Down Syndrome became. I could see it in Ami’s eyes and the Midwifes could see this as well. I was worried about her heart. All my kids were so confused. My husband and I didn’t even know how to explain. We didn’t even speak the whole car ride over. My children kept asking “Why we weren’t going home like we did before?” We were speechless.

Arriving at the hospital shortly after our daughter Amadeus was born we were greeted and taken care of quickly. The nurse that was getting our information at check in was harsh and rude. I couldn’t believe we delivered her at a Birth Center. After she checked Ami’s  body temperature, she quickly whisked her away without warning. I was left in a wheelchair (I was in a wheelchair because I had just given birth a few hours earlier.) My husband and my oldest daughter were with me.

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