Through Alifetolove‘s story. I have Highlighted some Important words. That are cropping up every time I am Reading or Preparing a person’s Story.

Here is a post Alifetolove has wrote about Young Adults and Chronic Illnesses

Being a Sixteen Years Old with M.E has been very hard and Isolating. A lot of my friends don’t understand and a lot of adults believe I should be Well and Fit because of my age but I’m not. I have a Chronic Illness. I’m not saying that being an adult with Chronic Illness is easier. It’s not in anyway. We are all battling our own problems. However, I wanted to do a post about this as it is very close to me and I believe there is a lot of Stigmas surrounding Young Adults and Chronic Pain.

During the time of not being diagnosed with M.E (has taken nearly Two Years to get a diagnosis) I was so confused as to why at Fifteen I felt so Tired, Ill, and in Constant Pain. I had never been very ‘well’ as a person, but this type of Pain and Ache I had never felt or could even describe. “I kept thinking a virus can’t last this long and what is wrong with me”. Being a Teenager and feeling so Tired and Achy has been hard because a lot of my friends can’t relate. Teenagers are often seen as “full of energy and lively” etc. However, I was none of these anymore. I was Tired and Low in Energy and my brain couldn’t even function in a conversation, when I was feeling at my worst. I felt so different to my friends, so Isolated and Alone

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