Ahmad Reza Seddigh Tehran

Ellie has tried all she can to find him. The British Red Cross were also informed but the personal information they needed. Ellie couldn’t provide as she didn’t have it.
Since that May in 2012. Ellie has been putting posts on Facebook and Twitter in hope Ahmad can be found. There still has been no luck.

This picture was taken in March 2012 just before he went missing.

Ellie will never give up hope that Ahmad can be found one day. She will always try all she can to find him.

Ellie is a Fibromyalgia warrior herself. I have given Ellie these pages in hope her brother can be found. I urge all of you reading this to share her story. It would be gratefully appreciated by Ellie.

Thank You

If you have information that could help Ellie. Details can be found on the next page…

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