Ahmad Reza Seddigh Tehran

Ellie’s brother Ahmad was Born on 06/02/1966. His last known address was in Karaj, Iran.
Sadly Ellie couldn’t provide a fixed address for him. He had just moved. This picture of Ellie and Ahmad below was taken in 2007. This was the last time she saw him…

Ellie and Ahmad

Ellie and Ahmad always kept in contact by phone. The last Ellie heard from Ahmad was on Sunday 12th May 2012 at 10:20 am. Ahmad rang Ellie from a phone box. Ahmad was in tears saying “He had been attacked at knife point” The information he relayed back to Ellie was that there had been a heavy struggle. They took his mobile and all of his ID’s. He was so upset and Ahmad reluctantly didn’t want to give his attackers his phone. It was a present from Ellie herself. She managed to calm him down and he informed Ellie he was going to get a new phone. He also said, when he had purchased his new phone he would give Ellie his new number. For Ellie that call never came…

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