A Poem Of Two Faces…

Two Faces…

A 31 Year old lady from a small town in Taunton, Somerset.
“Why should we read her story?”

This is why….

“An associate she knows stops and asks her how she is feeling.
The first face answers with a smile. “Yea I’m not too bad thank you.” Not to burden the person who is asking. The second face is hiding her feelings.
Prior to this meeting. The night before. She woke up at 02:00am in the morning. Her neck in spasm. Her arms are shaking. The pain taking over her body. Her throat collapsing. Her voice disappearing. What was happening? She starts panicking.
111 has been rung by her partner. A ambulance arrives. They check her over and are very calming. Her neck is still spasming and arms still shaking. Medicines are administrated.
Where was the time going?
By now two hours have passed however the spasming is stopping. Three hours go by. The spasming has stoped but the pain still agony. Her arms are heavy. She is crying. Why was this happening?
As time goes by she is settling. The experience was frightening. Her body felt like it was failing. It was only a flare up. Her Chronic Condition she still keeps on managing…”

This was the flare up I realized something needed changing”


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