A Mother and Daughter Story

I cannot express in words how overwhelmed and moved I was to read both their stories. They are both such inspirations. They are both facing difficult times. But choose to be “survivor’s and not the victims” of their conditions. I can relate to you both and ask for your help from you also.

I’m honored to have Karen and Katie as supporters. This is website not just for me but for everyone who is facing barriers in their lives.

I am looking forward to working with you both in the future. May we make many great things happen. This is only the start. The rest is yet to come…

This is Karen and Katie’s page. So any updates they have. I will be posting them on here for them both.

Thank you ladies once again for sharing your stories. Read more and see how they can both help you…❤

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    I can relate to Karen’s story as I too was in denial until a major flare knocked me on my butt! The flare is what inspired me to reach out to the Fibro community and start my blog. Although not in denial anymore- a fighter I will always be!

  2. MyalgiaFibroWarrior

    I’m glad you can relate. I will let Karen know you have commented. I also had a really bad flare up and it was when I realized I couldn’t carry on like I was. It’s amazing where you can draw strength from. xx

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    My thoughts exactly Suzanne… If Freda the freak wants a battle, then bring it on!!! 💪💜

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