A Mother and Daughter Story

I have been in contact with these two brave ladies. They have very kindly agreed to share their stories through comments they have sent me.

This is Karen David pictured here with her Daughter Katie…

Karen sent me message out of the blue on Tuesday 9th October 2018… 

Karen message was as follows…

“Hi Amz, it’s Karen David, a member of ” Counting my Spoons” I’ve just come across your website… I’ve only just started reading through and just wanted to say… Your Fibro story is so honest and true and I can relate fully to literally everything you’ve said. I’ve had it for about 23 yrs but always been in denial and would not accept ” I have it” until now ( huge flare, completed knocked me for six) Won’t babble on but just wanted to say ” Well Done!” for creating more awareness for this debilitating condition. I’ll certainly be following you and I’m off to continue my read of your website. ❤😘️”


I then received a message from Karen’s Daughter on Wednesday 10th October 2018…

Katie’s message…

“Hi Amz, I’m Katie, Karen Davids daughter and I have ulcerative colitis, which is a bowel disease that causes excruciating pain, fatigue, blood loss and many more symptoms. I was diagnosed when I was 12 years old but had it for a year before I was diagnosed. I am now 17 and have never been in remission. I’ve been on various medications throughout the years but to no avail. I am now on steroids, infusions and suppositories which are the last resort and still aren’t helping… an operation to have my large bowel removed and to have a stoma bag is on the cards. I think it’s truly amazing that you’re raising awareness! We need more people like you in this world. My mam knows exactly what it’s like to have a chronic illness and through her I have learnt not to become a victim but to become a survivor xx”

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    I can relate to Karen’s story as I too was in denial until a major flare knocked me on my butt! The flare is what inspired me to reach out to the Fibro community and start my blog. Although not in denial anymore- a fighter I will always be!

  2. MyalgiaFibroWarrior

    I’m glad you can relate. I will let Karen know you have commented. I also had a really bad flare up and it was when I realized I couldn’t carry on like I was. It’s amazing where you can draw strength from. xx

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    Karen David

    My thoughts exactly Suzanne… If Freda the freak wants a battle, then bring it on!!! 💪💜

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