!! April is Autism Awareness Month !!

From my collection of “I am Still Able Acrostic Poems. I have a poem for “Autism” Please Click on the Image below to view the Full Version….


*New Story* I have dedicated some pages to “Help for Heroes” The work they do is Paramount. More Awareness raised, would be greatly received.

Alifetolove has given her insight, on what it is like, to be a Young Adult with an Illness. Kimber has wrote a story about an experience she has had with a Catphiser. Some of us who have Chronic Illnesses or Disabilities and are effected by Circumstance can be very Vulnerable to these types of people. Learning to be Safe Online is Paramount.

*Testicular Cancer Awareness” and “Prostate Cancer Awareness Acrostic Poems for Men. Please check yourselves regularly. It could, SAVE YOUR LIFE!

“She is…”
Help for Heroes
Catphising the Catphiser
Si’s Poem

“Prostate Cancer” Awareness Acrostic Poem
Goga’s Acrostic Name Poem
Sonia’s Acrostic Name Poem
Miya’s Quote

You can listen to my Interview with BBC Somerset Radio.

Let’s help Tessa bring about change in Mental Health. Tessa tells us the story of her brother Damo’s passing.

Thank You to “A Man With Fibro” for sharing your story for us all to watch. Hopefully it will help you Raise the Awareness that is needed.

FibroFlutters isan Organization, who helps many with Chronic Illnesses.

Read my Book Review on the book. “WHEN BODIES BREAK” By Cameron B, Auxer, M.A.

Please click on a Image to view the Story of your choice…

My BBC Somerset Radio Interview…
Damo’s Law…
A Man With Fibro…
“When Bodies Break”

Below is a Gallery of Videos I have produced.

Happy Viewing

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